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Evolution of nature

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3. Flowchart1.png

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4. Sound analysis.png

5. Solar hours analysis.png

6. Combining and evaluation scores 1.png

7. Combining and evaluation scores 2.png

8. Combining and evaluation scores 3.png

9.1 Points to Architecture.png

9. Sorting best points.png

10. Best area.png

2. Program.png

G1-function analyse.png

G1-WORKSHOP-box twisting2.jpg

13. Optimalization1.png

13. Optimalization2.png

14. Recursion.png



23. Render4.png

20. Render2.png

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22. Render 3(2).png

24. Further developments.png

Booklet 10-10-2013 (Not finished yet)

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Feng Liu, Rutger van Doren, Mohammed Al-Khalili, Guangkai Liang



3964 days ago
Score 0+-

General comments: You have presented structure and noise as the main evaluation criteria to consider, and It is good that the group started to think about physical construction of the pavilion such as structural, façade or material systems. You should also consider at least one environmental criteria. Please for the next time, in addition to the reference projects come with more slides showing your own ideas and original models and diagrams. Site Analysis: Consider how to evaluate noise on the site both technically and strategically. You need input information for noise. For example for solar analysis, the input info comes from the simulation but since there is no digital simulation you should first start with pseudo information for X,Y,Z coordination on the site and then visualize and interpret and analyse it. For instance to start you can have a gird of 10x10x10 and for each coordinate comes with a value that is graphically represented in terms of bar diagrams, coloured spread sheet. Then we would like to suggest that you consider another environmental parameter that is possible to drive the data using simulation. Then superimposition of this measured data with noise “can be” the starting point for multi-objective optimisation process. Global geometry/macro scale: Think about what is influencing the overall shape, the objective for the structural optimisation. Also how the structural system can be integrated with the meso&micro scale. There needs to be a driver for the form finding method for the global geometry. For example, if you are just optimising for structure, then you will get a pyramid. There needs to be either other top down architectural ambition, information gathered from site analysis or constraints that you set for a bottom up process to make the form finding exercise meaningful.

Meso&micro Scale (Skin): you presented your initial idea about having reactive façade systems. And having different states during the day(morning, afternoon, night..) It is good to start thinking about the logic behind how the façade would operate. Also the objective for operable systems and how it is related to the site condition as well as the spatial condition you need to consider for the program. Also think about your own architectural objective to create the acoustic qualities of your space.
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