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Tips and tricks for editing wiki pages

General rules

  • - in wiki you document your project, it's not a personal diary (no first person: 'I', except in your user page)
  • - structure the information so that it can be browsed easily, leading a website visitor from general, short information in front page to detailed, more extensive information placed "deeper" in sub-pages

User accounts

  • - you can change your user password by going to "special pages" link on the navigation panel (left) under "toolbox" and then going to "change password" under "users and rights"

Images and files

  • - you can upload images and other files by clicking on "upload file" link on the navigation panel (left) under "toolbox"
  • - always prepend file name of uploaded file by project##_ where ## is the number of your project
  • - don't put text in the images unless absolutely necessary (e.g. in diagrams), use .pdf files only for additional information, don't upload files larger than 2MB unless absolutely necessary
  • - final images should be in 1920x1080 resulution. working images can/should be at smaller resultions
  • - if you upload images, be patient. if more people do it at once it may take time. if everyone stats re-uploading impatiently, the wiki will crash
  • - insert an image by including this in your text: [[File:filename.extension|850px|caption]] for smaller images replace 850px with a different number, don't put any larger value here!
  • - you can turn your image into a button by adding link=page_name, e.g. [[File:filename.extension|850px|caption|link=project01:Frontpage]]
  • - for other image tricks, look here:
  • - to include a youtube video use: <youtube width="850" height="400">L1jC5W1cT5I</youtube>syntax
  • - to include an automatic slideshow of images paste:
   <div>[[Image:User_Eric.jpg| 200px]]</div>
   <div>[[Image:User_Linus.jpg| 200px]]</div>
   <div>[[Image:User_Lotte.jpg| 200px]]</div>
   |id=bar sequence=forward transition=fade refresh=4000

Formatting and adding pages

  • - find formating tips here:
  • - to create a new page include this in your text: [[project##:page_name|displayed_name]], where you replace ##, "page_name" and "displayed name" by appropriate text
  • - when you click on such created link it will allow you to create a new page
  • - don't rearrange the frontpage, keep sub-pages simple
  • - to start a new paragraph with a title (that can be separately edited) use ==title== or =title= format

advanced tricks

  • - to include special items, e.g. google map or other kind of video use <html>special html code</html> format
  • - don't overuse the above. never change the layout of the front page. don't add custom layouts, styles, columns, etc. to sub-pages.