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Climatic Ecologies

Hyperbody MSc3 research investigations shall focus on generating self-sustaining Climatic Ecologies. Issues pertaining to the manner in which we situate and generate built architectural forms with regards to the urban settings within which dynamic energy exchanges are established amongst them are of critical importance. The manner in which local and global climatic associations are hence established between a building and its context will be of primary concern in this studio. The MSc3 design studio, in its quest to envision a sustainable ecology as regards the establishment of a synergistic relation between the environment, architectural space and its urban context will aim at developing a relational understanding between physical & climatic principles, computational tools and performance driven form finding processes. The definition and refinement of this central agenda of Climatic Ecologies shall be developed iteratively via individual students and could encompass variable solutions ranging from local micro-climate generation, user centric climate adaptation, energy neutral buildings, adaptive spatial systems, biomimetic designs, green buildings etc. to name a few. In conclusion, the generic design problem centers around the generation of multi-performative architectural formations and their synergistic relationship as regards social sustainability and cyclic energy exchange with a critical urban context.

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